Reviewer Policy

International Research Journal I4 is having a systematic peer review process. Which is communicated to all experts considered by IICMR depending upon the expertise as reviewer for reviewing the research paper.

To be a Reviewer

To become a reviewer expert should sent their application with resume by specifying the expertise and willingness to become the reviewer. After the approval by the I4 Research Journal committee the acknowledgement and invitation will be sent to the reviewer.

Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewers review the research paper on the basis of the following parameters: (on 5 point scale)

1) Presentation of Paper
2) Originality of Paper
3) Literature Survey
4) Technical Quality (Relevancy with the title),
5)Analysis Methodology
6)Practical Implications
7) Innovative Concept etc.
Minimum Score is 14 and Maximum Score is 35


The invitation for reviewer is sent for every volume. After the acknowledgement the coded papers are sent along with review sheet. The reviewer needs to be responded with the review results within 45-50 days.

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