Norms for Research Paper

1. IICMR journal welcomes articles/research contributions in the disciplines related to Information Technology and Management area.

2. Size: Articles/Contributions are expected to be of about 2000 to 5000 words including figures and tables. A soft copy of the manuscript should be submitted. This should be send in the attached template format.
3. Cover Page to should include, a) Title of the paper/article. b) Details of the author(s) i.e. name(s), designation, Institute/Industry name, phone and e-mail address (es) of the author(s), Teaching &/or Industrial experience, (Student should mention the department & year in which
they are studying at present). c) Acknowledgements related to paper, if any d) If this paper has been presented by the author earlier in some conference or seminar then PLEASE GIVE THE DETAILS OF THE CONFERENCE ALONG WITH THE NO OBJETCION CERTIFICATE DULY SIGNED BY THE CONFERENCE AUTHORITY.
4. Please take a note that author name should appear only on the cover page.
5. Abstract: Abstract of about 200-250 words should follow the cover page.
6. Copy-right Certification: The authors should certify on the cover page that the article/paper is not published nor accepted anywhere else. Authors should ensure that the article/paper submitted to IICMR Journal, is the property of IICMR and IICMR publication holds the rights for its publication.
7. Submission For Current Volume is Closed
Result can be checked on Paper Status

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